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Yes. There are some strict rules to look up to before carrying your fencing venture forward. First off, figure out what sort of things are legitimate in your area. You can do this by contacting the local authority planning office. 

Coming to your second question, most fencing laws limit the height of fences to 4 feet in front yards and 6 feet in backyards.

Basically, state laws direct responsibility of maintenance (including repairing) of fences on the owners that use the fence. Since both parties benefit from the boundary fence, it’s the responsibility of the both parties to look after it. During the process, they must also share the cost of repairing. Denial of the sharing by the neighbor leads to further course of action.

1) Prepare a letter explaining the fence problems and give it to the neighbor.

2) Repair the fence and write a demand letter that requests payment from the neighbor.

3) Go to mediation.

4) If state laws provide a provision, asks for a fence viewer and make a recommendation of whether the fence requires repair or whether the amount requested for repair is reasonable.

5) If the neighbor still overlooks the issue, sue him for reimbursement.