Garden Fence Installation in New Jersey



Minehill Fence Builders Is delighted to offer you excellent garden fencing in New Jersey. We take pride in our in-depth knowledge, top class service and low prices.

Garden can be a major aesthetic accessory to your home. And, by adorning this place with our perfect fences, you can further enhance its overall appearance.

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2 Major Benefits of Having Garden Fences:

Different designs:

You have a whole lot of style options when it comes to our garden fencing service – vinyl fence, aluminum fence, wooden fence, bamboo fence, to name a few. We offer different attractive designs that go with your style and need. Today, the most popular garden fencing designs are lattice designs and picket designs.


Fences play a big role in protecting your gardens, esp. from small animals, such as rabbits, squirrels, and porcupines. You all know these creatures tend to eat anything in the garden and mess up your flowers or the crops.

Not only these, garden fences also keep away animals (humans too!) seeking to steal fruits and vegetables from your garden.

Apart from garden fencing installation, we also offer:

Dog Kennel: We understand how important it is for you that your dog leads a safe and happy life. This is why we offer excellent and safe fences for your dogs. Read more

Deer Fence: We have provided the citizens of New Jersey with the best solution against any damages caused by any wandering deer. Read more

Pool Fence: If you want to enjoy a private family time around your pool along with a solitary swim, you can consider hiring our professional fence installing service. Read more

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