6 Common Fence Installation Mistakes

Proper fencing is a must in present day world. It gives you protection from outsiders and burglars; makes your property look beautiful and most importantly, keeps your children and pets safe and always inside your own boundary. Building a good fence requires skill, knowledge and experience.

Many people have tried to do it themselves and realized the mistakes later on. Thinking that doing it yourself may be cheap and labor free may end up being extremely costly over time. It may result in unstable, weak and improper fences too.

Here, we discuss Six common fence installation mistakes:

1) Not having proper information about your property lines

“Good Fences make good neighbors.”  Build a fence on your neighbor’s property or encroach on public land, you will find the mistake to be very costly. Not only will you be a bad neighbor, but you may have to pay hefty bill, along with various fines and costly legal battles. Always know the proper boundary of your property.


2) Not having proper knowledge of your underground structure

Although not all places are prone to this problem, sometimes the ground below may contain gas, water or many other harmful elements. Your ground structure maybe weak and unstable too. Always call your local utility companies to avoid striking underground gas, water or power lines, which could be costly and dangerous.


3) Use of improper posts and materials

Fences consist of end posts, corner posts and mid posts, with tension running through it. These frames need to be made up of proper materials. If correct material is not used at the right depth, with proper measurement, the anchor posts will be unstable, may fall down or get detached from the ground. The height and breadth plays an important role too.


4) Improper measurement of angles

Your property may include slopes and uneven surfaces. The fence panels must be adjusted accordingly, with proper measurements to make the installation neat, uniform and functional. Proper surveying tools and advanced carpentry skills are a must in order to maintain proper and stable fencing. Many homeowners may not have these skills. Improper angles always have the risk of causing damages in the fence. Consulting a proper fencing company is always suggested due to it.


5) Use of Wrong Materials

Most of the homeowners build their fence in the mid-summer time. The fence will take the beating of changing weather and harsh weather conditions for the whole year. You may not have the idea of which material is good for which weather condition. Unless proper fencing materials and fasteners are used, these fences may deteriorate over time.

6) Fence may not be functional due to inexperience

Sometimes, things go wrong although proper measurements and materials are used. Gates may not latch properly, posts may be awkwardly spaced and the gaps might be uneven and untidy. The big gaps may assist your pets and kids to escape easily. These may be some unknown big problems that will arise due to inexperience. You might also be interested in building fence with fencing styles, which are attractive but hard to build.

From the points discussed above, it is clear that fence building is a difficult task that involves extensive skills, knowledge and experience. Every minute detail need to be taken care of. Wrong and amateur installation may end up in unnecessary expenditure of time and money. By hiring a professional fence installation company, you can avoid all these mistakes, and be sure of the stability and quality of your fences.

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  1. Thank you for telling me that all fence panels should be adjusted with proper measurements to ensure that the installation will result in proper and stable fencing. I’m thinking of installing a high fence around our property to increase privacy from prying neighbors. I’ll look around for trusted fence contractors and ask if they could ensure a smooth fence installation all the way through.

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