How to Install Outdoor Dog Kennel

kennel is a place where your dog can relax and enjoy the outdoors. It is a safe place for a dog. You can build a very simple kennel by purchasing some chain-link fencing from a hardware store and constructing a fenced-in area. You just need to follow these steps:

  1. Estimate the perimeter of the dog kennel.
  2. Dig appropriate holes for the poles at all four corners of the area. A posthole digger is an appropriate tool for this task.
  3. Drop the posts into each respective hole and fill the holes with concrete to secure them.
  4. Finally, wrap the chain-link fencing around the posts. Wrap the fencing around all posts and secure it.
  5. Make sure you have purchased gate from the hardware store. Then you can install a door in the kennel to allow for easy access in and out.


There are some other things you need to take into account for doing this job.

  • Amount of time your dog will be in the kennel: Will your dog be in the kennel for only few hours a day or will it be his/her primary home? If the dog will spend only small amount of time then the kennel can be of smaller size but if it’s going to be his/her home then be sure to purchase a bigger kennel.
  • Size of the dog: The size of the dog will determine the size of the kennel needed. Make sure your dog is comfortable inside.
  • Location of the kennel: If the kennel is located in an area with no shelter, roof may be required to protect the dog from rain or hot sun.
  • Dog temperament: If the dog enjoys digging, you may need to consider adding additional iron under the fence to prevent him/her from escaping.

Is this too much to take? Well, if you are not skilled enough to do this task or if you are not sure you could do it then you can always hire fence builders. You can call the fencing services and let them take care of it.

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